Welcome to midwifery practice Verloskundigen aan de Maas
On this page you will learn what our practice stands for:
If you are pregnant and you don’t speak Dutch it might be difficult to find a practice to your liking. Maybe the customs in your country are completely different or you don’t know how to find your way in the Dutch care system.

Possibly you would like some more time during your check ups; perhaps you prefer a natural birth or on the contrary, a planned epidural.

You are welcome to a free consultation to meet us at our practice. We usually work in Rotterdam and surroundings, but if you live a bit further away please feel free to contact us about our possibilities.

Our vision
Having a baby is a natural process where strong physical, mental and emotional processes take place. Our vision is that they all need (equal) attention. We believe that every woman is capable of carrying, birthing and feeding her baby by herself. 

We offer professional and personal midwifery care. Our care is based on client centered care, which means that every decision made during the process is based on informed choice or consent. Decisions are made with the knowledge of scientific studies and guidelines, own experiences and clients choices.
Our practise gives care to a small caseload of women, because we like to spend more time and attention to our guidance than the average midwife practise. 

Studies have shown that if you are guided by a familiar caregiver, it gives positive outcomes to pregnancy and birth. That’s why the care is given by maximal two midwifes a cliënt.

Our practice:
In this midwifery practice we work with two teams of midwives:

You will be assigned to a team of midwives who will take care of you during the pregnancy, one of these two midwives will also guide your birth if all goes well. That way, we have the chance to get to know you very well and can we offer qualitatively good and personal maternity care. 

We offer:

  • Your own (English speaking) midwives for your check ups.

  • The possibility for longer and more frequent check ups than usual in a Dutch practice, so there will be enough time for all your wishes and questions.

  • Flexible consultation hours,  even in the evenings.

  • Our own ultra-sound equipment.

  • A home visit during the pregnancy where we will discuss your wishes for giving birth.

  • Continuous support during your delivery

  • Room for care according to your needs and wishes.

  • We have a good cooperation with all gynaecologists in the region.

  • We are registered in the midwives’ quality register.

  • We have contracts with all major health insurance companies.

  • We are also available for post-natal care only.

  • You can come to us for birth-control, also for the placement and removal of IUD’s

  • You can come to us for preconception care.

We do not charge you anything extra for our special care, because we think all pregnant women are entitled to good care.