Where can I give birth?
In the Netherlands, having the baby in the comfort of your own house is a unique concept in comparison to maternity care worldwide. Roughly 15-20% of the Dutch women choose to have a homebirth. A homebirth with your midwife is considered safe in the Netherlands due to the good infrastructure here and the good communication with hospitals and the gynaecologists. All midwives are qualified for guiding a homebirth. Women who choose to have their baby at home gave some of the following reasons to do so: 

  • I feel more relaxed and confident in my own home to give birth

  • I don’t want to travel to the hospital with contractions

  • I have more control over the medical process when I’m at home

  • I have a bigger chance of a natural birth without medical interventions when I’m in my own house.

If you wish, your midwife will provide you with all the information about the pro’s and con’s of homebirth and if it is a option in your specific situation. 

There is also the option to have your baby in a birthing centre or hospital by your own choice without any medical reason to do so. It is called a ‘ Poliklinische bevalling’ and it basically means you rent the room on the maternity ward in a hospital to have your baby there with your own midwife. There are some additional costs, (generally 300-400 euro) depending on how well your insurance coverage is. 

Your midwife will give you the same medical care at home and in the hospital. 

Some of the hospitals we collaborate with:

If you prefer a different hospital in the Rotterdam area we can advise you about the location best suited for your specific wishes.

Birth preparation and English courses
If you want to follow a pregnancy course that prepares you for giving birth in the Netherlands you can visit the website from ‘Birth in Holland’ for more information. They offer English spoken courses for expecting parents to prepare you for confidently giving birth and new parenthood.